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sepatu safety Bunker Non Isolasi 16 Inch
sepatu safety Bunker Non Isolasi 16 Inch
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23 Agt 2019
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sepatu safety Bunker Non Isolasi 16 Inch Model 5118

Structural Pull On Bunker Boot
16” Shoe-Fit™

The first and only fire boots constructed exclusively on shoe forms. Only true Shoe-Fit™ contouring allows the foot to slip freely in and out. You can jump into a Ranger Shoe-Fit™ style as easily as traditional fire boots. Once the boot is on, you feel the difference immediately. Ranger Shoe-Fit™ contouring snugs the heel, the instep, the toe, and the ball of the foot into form-fitting pockets of support and comfort. Optional DRYZ™ polyurethane liner insert controls odor and keeps feet cool and dry.


Non-Isolasi :

- Sepatu-Fit ™ Konstruksi
- Lapisan Kevlar ®
- Sangat Tahan Lama Jari Kaki Cap Dan Foxing
- Wol Merasa Midsole
- Stainless Pelat Bawah, Kaki, Dan Betis
- Extra Penguatan Tumit
- Removable Memasukkan Bantalan
- Wide Angle Lug Outsole
- Padded Shin Pelindung
- Apt Barcode
- Nfpa 1971, Edisi 2007
- Nfpa 1992, Edisi 2005 (Opsional)

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